Creating Ponds It may seen strange to construct ponds at a reservoir site but this does provide us with the opportunity to control water levels and manage different ponds for different specific animal groups such as amphibians, reptiles, dragonflies and children! In some areas we have used a clay-impregnated liner to provide a seal. This material is simply overlapped and covered with a thick layer of soil. Once it gets wet it swells and forms a permanent, self-sealing barrier. Even if a stick is pushed through the liner it should re-seal itself.
To encourage dragonflies to breed the ponds have been heavily planted with a mixture of local native plants. Fish are deliberately excluded and a pump provides a top-up if the water level drops to a dangerously low level. Damselflies are nearly always in abundance over the summer and are usually accompanied by various dragonflies including the impressive emperor dragonfly. The growth of norfolk reed has been particularly impressive since planting and this has attracted some exciting bird species including reed buntings, water rail and the elusive bittern. Clearing Ponds
Pond Dipping During construction two wooden platforms were added to provide safe and convenient access for pond dipping. This always proves to be a very popular activity with young and old alike. Newts, dragonfly larvae, water boatmen and mayfly are frequently discovered along with the occasional water scorpion. Facilities can be made available to visiting schools and groups. Overall the ponds have been one of the most successful additions and we have been encouraged enough to increase their number over the next few years.