Bird Feeding Station
Goldfinch Although Alton Water was designated a County Wildlife Site primarily on the basis of it’s winter wildfowl population it has become increasingly important as an oasis for the declining farmland birds. Skylarks regularly breed and benefit from the recent changes in grassland management. Linnets use the newly planted boundary hedges as do corn buntings.
To enable visitors to enjoy seeing woodland birds, as well as the wildfowl, a small feeding station has been in operation at the Larchwood hide for several years now. This is maintained by the Alton Water Volunteers. A range of feed is on offer throughout the year and it is hoped that species such as tree sparrows will once again return to this area.Record sheets are available both at the Larchwood and the Coralline Hide for the Public to record their observations using a simple tick list. Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Greenfinch These records are fed into the national Birdwatch database run by the British Trust for Ornithology and play a vital part in monitoring all our birds both at local and national level. It is a simple but highly effective way that visitors can help put something back into the management of Alton Water.