Bird Scrape
Scrape In 1995 Anglian Water and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust worked in partnership on a range of wildlife initiatives contained within a 5 –year management plan. One of the biggest habitat creation schemes within the plan involved the re-profiling of the draw down zone in a section of the reservoir that showed the most promise in attracting waders and wildfowl. It was important to provide a range of features attractive to birds at varying water levels, as it was impractical to incorporate an effective water level control system. Islands, pools and ditches provided a safe sanctuary where disturbance and predation could be kept to a minimum.
We wanted to feature a large island that would be exposed and available for breeding birds at all water levels. To maintain water around the island it needed to be constructed some distance from the shore and to a height of over 4 metres. The foundations of old farm buildings that were present before the valley was flooded were put to good use in providing a solid base for the creation of the island and helped to protect it from wave action. Finally a layer of shingle and some larger stones were added to provide an ideal nesting area for terns and little ringed plovers. Scrape
Bird Hide In an effort to reduce disturbance from the nearby footpath a bank was constructed along the shoreline. This was then planted with a mix of blackthorn wild rose and hawthorn both to control access and provide additional bird nesting areas. A new triangular hide was commissioned that enabled visitors to enjoy watching the birds. Later additional attractions to the area included rafts and both a natural sand martin cliff on the opposite side of the inlet and an artificial cliff situated directly below the hide.