Alton Water
People Having fun on a Summers Day History of Alton Water
During the 1960s it became obvious that underground water resources in Ipswich would be insufficient to serve into the next century . Increases in demand and population growth highlighted the need for a pumped water storage system. Excess water from the River Gipping and the Tattingstone Valley provided the perfect conditions for a reservoir. The dam was constructed in 1974 from local London clay.
Following extensive trials, a multi-stage treatment process was commissioned and water was finally pumped into supply in October 1986 . The official opening of Alton Water by HRH The Princess Royal on 10th July 1987 was the culmination of 13 years, planning.

Public water Supply
Alton Water provides the main source of drinking water for Ipswich and the southern part of Suffolk from Stowmarket to Felixstowe. Around 200,000 customers receive their water from Alton Water – that’s almost seven million gallons a day, 365 days a year. The water treatment processes combine a mixture of microchip technology and the latest in physiochemical treatment methods. A ring main around Ipswich allows water to be distributed efficiently and safely to all customers.

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